STEEPER on Euronews

The STEEPER project has been featured on the Euronews futuris television programme.

A video is available at the following link on our

STEEPER at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM)

STEEPER Consortium member IBM has been invited to present at the 2012 IEDM meeting in San Francisco.

16.6 InAs-Si Heterojunction Nanowire Tunnel Diodes and Tunnel FETs (Invited), 
H. Riel, K.E.  Moselund, C. Bessire, M.T. Björk, A. Schenk*, H. Ghonein, H. Schmid, IBM Research, Zurich, *ETH, Zurich
We have demonstrated InAs-Si vertical heterojunction NW tunnel diodes with record high currents of 6MA/cm2 at 0.5 V in reverse bias and TFETs with 2.4 μA/μm, Ion/Ioff  10^6 and a slope of 150 mV/dec over 3 decades. The achieved improvements can be attributed to increased NW doping and Ni alloying of the top contact.

Full programme:

STEEPER at the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2012

The STEEPER Consortium will be contributing to the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2012 to be held in Munich on 20-21 November. For the first time, the three most important tools for the European nanoelectronics community - CATRENE, the Eureka cluster programme, the ENIAC Joint Undertaking and the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) - will work together to host this important event. The STEEPER Consortium will be presenting posters and a computer demonstration of related Steep Slope Switches (SSS) simulation software.

STEEPER/ESSDERC Workshop: Steep Slope Switches (SSS) Technologies, Devices, Applications

The STEEPER Consortium has organized the "Steep Slope Switches (SSS) Technologies, Devices, Applications" workshop at the ESSDERC/ESSCIRC Conference in Bordeaux on Sept. 21, 2012. The one day workshop covers state of the art topics and the presentations will be delivered by internationally recognize experts:
  1. Density-of-States Switching Mechanism for the Tunnel Field Effect Transistor
    Eli Yablonovitch; UCB, NSF E3S Center Director
  2. Silicon TFET Processing
    Cyrille Le Royer; CEA
  3. Nanoscale IIIV Devices Processing
    Dr. Heike Riel; IBM Zurich
  4. Strained Si and SiGe nanowire TFETs
    Simon Richter; FZ Juelich
  5. Electrostatic Doping in Tunnel FETs
    Thomas Grap; RWTH Aachen
  6. Modeling and simulation of SSS Devices
    Prof. G. Baccarani; Uni. Bologna
UPDATE: The programme is now available on the our website.

STEEPER summer school

The STEEPER project will participate in the Fifth European SINANO Summer School on Device Modelling in Bertinoro (Forlì-Cesena, Italy) from 28th until 31st August 2012, co-organized by the ARCES Research Center of the University of Bologna and by the Italian Inter-University Consortium for Nanoelectronics (IUNET).
On the last day a session on steep slope switches for energy efficient electronics will be organized in collaboration with the STEEPER Project. Attendants from Institutions involved in the STEEPER Project are eligible for a special reduced fee.

The flyer is available for download.