STEEPER/ESSDERC Workshop: Steep Slope Switches (SSS) Technologies, Devices, Applications

The STEEPER Consortium has organized the "Steep Slope Switches (SSS) Technologies, Devices, Applications" workshop at the ESSDERC/ESSCIRC Conference in Bordeaux on Sept. 21, 2012. The one day workshop covers state of the art topics and the presentations will be delivered by internationally recognize experts:
  1. Density-of-States Switching Mechanism for the Tunnel Field Effect Transistor
    Eli Yablonovitch; UCB, NSF E3S Center Director
  2. Silicon TFET Processing
    Cyrille Le Royer; CEA
  3. Nanoscale IIIV Devices Processing
    Dr. Heike Riel; IBM Zurich
  4. Strained Si and SiGe nanowire TFETs
    Simon Richter; FZ Juelich
  5. Electrostatic Doping in Tunnel FETs
    Thomas Grap; RWTH Aachen
  6. Modeling and simulation of SSS Devices
    Prof. G. Baccarani; Uni. Bologna
UPDATE: The programme is now available on the our website.